Yoga Classes in English in Sofia, Bulgaria

Yoga is often understood as being physical exercise, but this is only one aspect.

Yoga aims to develop and balance all aspects of one’s being – body, mind, emotions – leading the practitioner towards a more harmonious state of being.

The regular practice of simple yogic techniques is a powerful aid to improve health and reduce mental and emotional stress, providing an antidote to the pressures of modern life.


Private Classes

meditation english sofiaWhether you are new to yoga and want a more personal introduction or a long-time practitioner who wants to delve deeper into specific practices, a private class is a great way to learn.


Private classes are scheduled to suit your personal timetable, available 7 days per week from 7.00am - 8pm.

The classes can be in the comfort of your own home or in my centrally located studio apartment (mats, blankets and changing facilities are provided).

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Regular Classes

english yoga sofiaRegular morning and evening classes are also available please see the classes page for more details.

As well as regular yoga classes special meditation courses are also held in different locations.


More Information

Learn more about the teacher and the type of yoga taught.